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The Neighborhood

 Our neighborhood is nestled in the heart of Phoenix, the Melrose District. It is a quiet, yet vibrant cottage community where most of the homes were built between 1929 and 1949. Our residents are a mix of young and old and many of our residents are original homeowners, we even have some second and 

third generation homeowners! 

Woodlea Melrose is bounded by Indian School Road, north to the Grand Canal, between 7th Avenue and 15th Avenue and includes over 

300 single family homes.

We are proud of the historic character and unique charm of our area. Our Neighborhood Association was formed in 1987 to help us meet the mounting challenges and amazing opportunities of maintaining and building a thriving community in central Phoenix. There is power in numbers and our association provides a unified voice for a diverse group of neighbors with the goal to

make this the 

best place to live in Phoenix!

Our Goals

Promote a sense of community and cohesiveness in the neighborhood by organizing neighborhood events.

Present a unified voice to our City, County and State governments and adjacent businesses on various issues which may affect our neighborhood. Areas of particular concern include zoning issues, traffic control, crime prevention and property appearance.

Reduce crime in the neighborhood by promoting "Neighbors On Watch" (N.O.W.), our Block Watch Program and acting as a liaison with the Phoenix Police Department.

Who We Are

The Woodlea Melrose Neighborhood Board consists of 5 elected officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Newsletter Editor. 

We also depend on several other volunteer, event and program coordinators: Communications Officer, Front Yard Friday Chair, Neighborhood Ambassador, N.O.W Coordinator and Tool Shed Coordinator. The Board officers are elected to a one year term. We are registered with the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department as an incorporated neighborhood association. Our membership dues are $10 a year which includes many benefits: tool lending library, the annual neighborhood block party and cookout, holiday luminary candles and bags, annual yard sale signs and advertising and other numerous community initiatives. Dues run from December 1 thru the following November. The Association is a non-profit organization which means your dues and donations are tax-deductible. We would like all residents of the Woodlea Melrose Neighborhood to join us. We do make a difference! We encourage you to get involved by becoming an association volunteer or street representative — you’ll be able to help in so many ways.

Neighborhood Meetings 2018


Seventh Day Adventist Church, Community Room

777 W Montecito Avenue


7pm to 8pm


Tuesday, Feb 6th 2018 - General Meeting

Tuesday, April 3rd 2018 - General Meeting

Tuesday, June 5th 2018 - General Meeting

Tuesday, Sept 4th 2018 - General Meeting

Come hear about:

Neighborhood news, hear from our community action officer about stats and crime prevention, community and city events and much, much more...


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Woodlea Melrose Neighborhood

P.O Box 33202 Phoenix, AZ 85067