m7 Week: About the Woodlea Melrose Neighborhood

Down Town Phoenix Journal

In anticipation of the m7 Street Fair on Saturday, March 6, DPJ is spending the week getting to know the great businesses, neighborhoods and people that make the Melrose area so intriguing.

w m 300x225 m7 Week: About the Woodlea Melrose Neighborhood

Photo courtesy of the Woodlea Melrose Neighborhood Association

The Woodlea Melrose neighborhood includes over 350 single-family homes in the area bound by Indian School Road on the south, the Grand Canal on the north, 7th Avenue on the east and 15th Avenue on the west.

Although our neighborhood is nestled in the heart of Phoenix, it is a quiet cottage community where most of the homes are between 40 and 70 years old. Our residents are a mix of young and old — many of our residents are original homeowners. We even have some second- and third-generation homeowners!

We are proud of the character and charm of our area. Our neighborhood association was formed in 1987 to help us meet the mounting challenges of maintaining a thriving community in Central Phoenix. There is power in numbers and the unity from the association provides a way for all the neighbors to get together and help make this the best place to live in Phoenix.