The irrigation schedule is posted in the metal box on the southwest corner of Heatherbrae and 11th Avenue. Remember it states when the water comes to our neighborhood not to directly to your yard. You may also visit Salt River Projects website or call 602-236-3333 for the latest irrigation scheduling information. Have your SRP account number handy.


Woodlea irrigation bills will be sent in mid-January. If you have not received a bill or need to update your address please contact Renee’ Cooperman (602) 717-4011. You may pay for irrigation at any time during the year and begin receiving water to your property. It is never too late to start making our neighborhood green.


  • Do rake your yard of leaves and debris
  • Do give your lawn a fresh mow
  • Do check your irrigation flow ways
  • Do check and strengthen your berms

These steps are very important and can seriously hinder water flow on your property and prevent you from receiving your allotment of water.

  • Do talk to your neighbors about receiving irrigation. This is a great way to help new people in the neighborhood.
  • Don’t open your own water valve, this can adversely affect water flow to others
  • Don’t close your own valve, except in an emergency as explained below.

If you don’t want a regularly scheduled irrigation, place a brick or large rock on your irrigation valve. You can also call Renee’ Cooperman (602) 717-4011, who will make an additional note for the irrigator.

Irrigation is a very complex event, with many factors involved that are beyond your control. If the water is getting high on your property and you have concern, call the irrigator, Steve Coles (602) 433-0264. His call forwarding system will get you to the person working irrigation at that time. Please let the phone ring many times. In the event of an emergency, such as flooding of your house, porch, garage or any other place you do not want water, don’t hesitate to turn your water valve off, then contact the irrigator, Steven Coles (602) 433-0264. The entire system is gravity fed so closing and opening your valve may cause unexpected results for many other people. The irrigators know our properties and have individual sight marks for individual properties. Please work with the Irrigator when you are having specific problems on your property. As a board we are also available to help with and resolve difficulties.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding irrigation please feel free to contact your Irrigation Board Members who graciously volunteer their time to serve you.


Steven Coles

If you have questions about irrigation please call either:

Customer Service Representatives

Karen Grimwood
950 W. Heatherbrae
(602) 717-4011

We also have two people who will be handling coordinating the repair work needed for our system.

Neighborhood Field Maintenance

Paul Norton
1301 W. Glenrosa


Renee’ Cooperman
4201 N. 15th Ave.
(480) 216-6835


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