Block Watch

Block Watch – N.O.W.

Woodlea-Melrose NOW

In the Woodlea-Melrose neighborhood, we have designated our Block Watch as N.O.W (Neighbors On Watch). If you would like a sign for your front yard or need to replace an old one please contact our block watch coordinator at and one will be delivered to your house!

From the city of Phoenix: This is a simple program of neighbors watching out for each other. It is designed to enlist the active participation of citizens in cooperation with the police to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

  • It is becoming acquainted with your neighbors.
  • It is working together to identify and solve problems in our community.
  • It is helping the police by being aware of and reporting any unusual activities as they occur.
  • It is the implementation of crime prevention techniques to enhance home security.
  • It is not apprehending someone. Leave that to the police.
  • It is putting neighbors back into the neighborhoods.

If you see suspicious activity, please call Crimestop at 26-26-151 (262-6151). For an emergency, call 9-1-1. When you see graffiti, report it by calling 602-495-7014.

This Block Watch program has been a proven crime deterrent. Please support crime reduction in our neighborhood by joining and promoting the Block Watch program!

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